Monthly budget for the Government

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Monthly budget for the Government

Postby Viglius » Wed 14 Sep 2011, 16:15

The available budget for the government each month is the total tax income, in local currency, the state had the month before. Only* this amount can be used this month.
*(2 exceptions: direct war, or huge investments for the state. Both need congressional approval)

As the tax income will be different every month this law provides the MoF with percentages of how many currency can be spend on different affairs.

2 MPPs a Month = 20K NLG

Remaining Tax Usage:

50% will go to Ministry of Defense, including building stock.*
30% towards economy subsidies as well as helping new players.
10% will go directly to DNB and will be saved to increase our national emergency funds as well as serve as a currency destroyer (fights bot inflation).
10% is available for unexpected costs. If non, this will be donated to DNB at the end of the month. (The money left over from this pot will be used at the end of the month towards the purchase of gold via MM)

(* Minimal budget is 30K NLG.)

- The Minister of Finance have to take care about currency for all ministries except Defence.
- The Budget for Defense should directly proposed from in-game to Ministerie van Defensie.
- The budget for Gold is not written in law. It’s up to the government to decide how many gold to spend.
- The national emergency funds should hold at least 500 Gold and 200K currency. This funds can only be used in times of direct war.

Debate: viewtopic.php?f=27&t=8367
Vote: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=8591
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