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PostPosted: Sun 23 Oct 2011, 16:06
by Tonie112
Welcome TPP member!

You have found our public forums! You'll however notice there aren't any posts in our subforum. That's because we have a private forum too, where the actual discussions are being held. The instructions below will help you gaining access to our private forum:

1) If you haven't yet, register an account on this forum ( This forum does not only contain our party forums, but also acts as community tool for our whole country. You'll be able to have a chat with the others in the eNetherlands, follow congress debates and so on.
2) When you have succesfully registred an account, you need to request access to our usergroup. You can apply for our usergroup on this page:
*** You should also apply for 'eNL citizens/burgers' usergroup, on the same page
3) Your application will need to be reviewed, but within 24 hours you'll have you access. You'll then be able to see our private forums on the forum index, and really participate in our political party.

Good luck!

P.S: This forum contains also a 'tutorial section', with articles about the basics of both our community/forum/irc & eRepublik itself. This forum can be found here:


PostPosted: Thu 24 Dec 2015, 11:54
by Tomvriderx
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