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Postby Kordak » Thu 29 May 2014, 17:08



No fancy gif files, but a clear message :DD

-Light Camera Action!-

I took a few days to think about how I want to continue in eRepublik. I was already writing my goodbye speech when I started to think. I must not be the only one who is getting a bit bored here in eNL! Last months we had some really active presidents who started wars and we had presidents who were.. investing less time in the game. However I think that activity remains one of the most important things in a small community like ours.


I want to make a overview on what the state is of our chance to join a alliance. I will not destroy the work of those presidents before me, that would just be stupid. So I will continue with the plan to join Aurora, which our people voted for. I hope that this month with some good negotiating and some stalking from our side we will finally be able to be official part of the Aurora alliance. Most of you know me of my critic point of few on joining Aurora. This is however not because I am anti-Aurora, but just because I did not agree with the way some former administrations wished to prove themselves. I think that we have way more chance to join if we have a lot of dialogue this month, I want to try to do this on daily base. First we will talk a lot with their presidents and when we have some good contacts we can make our request that they invite us.


I am glad we finally have one state military unit, that makes things a lot easier. However I want to look on the possibilities to improve our supplies for our div 4 and 3 players, since we need damage in those divisions really bad. In Poland there is a system where you get weapons or money according to the damage you made that day for your country. If we can introduce a system like that our big players will more likely do more damage for our country and will no longer make big losses.


We need to find some lucrative ways to improve our economics. I have been thinking about market license subsidies. I am going to look into this matter and discuss this with some eRep economical gurus to find out if we can do something with this. Also I am going to look if it is possible to regulate some market prices by the government. If we set out a advice price and make weekly reports of foreign market we should be able to profit all.


Let's bring back the Ministry of Health in it's former glory!


During my last term we really focussed on communication with the people and congress. We tried to keep everyone updated of what we were doing and busy with. We want to do that again this month, with the weekly reports.

more will follow :)
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