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[Iron & Wine] 6 years; ad infinitum!

Postby Daniel Parker » Sat 22 Mar 2014, 20:09

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So... I&W is finuuully joining congress elections again. However against a cost. I&W has been pushed or nudged out of the top5 last 2(3?) months, so I definitely didn't want that to happen again under my watch. We made a deal with BG. They get out #1 spot in exchange for help securing a place in the top5 so we at least can be part of the oh so democratic process. Hey! I'm open about it. It's politics baby, not rumikub.
So what remains with the other spots? It is always quite subjective how to define who goes where, so I tried (read that: TRIED) to make something more objective.
I decided that activity in congress should play a big part, and also a routine activity check in-game.

Formula is: ( 10 : reply time on in-game PM ) + (number of posts in congress last month ) + handicap(positive or negative) = score

Now one might expect that our members start spamming congress next month just to up their chances for a possible seat the next month. That won't happen because next month I plan to add a quality factor to the calculation.
People might nag about the method, but hey! We are the only party who actually have a method for this now!
And if they still don't like it:
Anyway, so here are our candidates, As you can see, I swapped places with Odan), which I think is a prerogative I can make as PP, to add a wildcard NOT in my favour. I swapped with him because if elected (doubtful with 10 seats to share) I'd rather focus on the party this month then congress.
SOoooo what about content huh?

Well our CM's run on their own platform this month, and congress is a shadow of it's past and hardly ever anything gets done there.
Not that it is not possible, it's because it's impossible!
So it's pretty useless to make a party line in it right now TBH. But I'll repeat what was said earlier, and something moar.


Foreign Affairs:
Whatever happens, something must happen that gives our country more activity on the global level. However joining an pro-Poland alliance will need a lot of explaining to newer players, to why that is the best option we have for now.

Needs to be upheld at all cost, only then we can take it seriously to actually change any old faults that may be lurking in there.
It might be a good thing to form a neutral committee consisting of the legal experts of all parties, and update the current legal system.
But again, current law needs to be upheld first!

Money's gotta flow bro! We might be centre right party, and believe in keeping savings around. But money is useless if you sit upon it.
However lot of current law and taxes stem from an older time, a time we where raking in millions of cc (and lost a couple too).
So that structure must be evaluated too. Also a cross-party committee could be a way to achieve this.


We can't cry participation all the time, while being sidelined for congress elections. Participation happens internally and externally. I&W being a constant part of congress is a priority. The most experienced voice will be heard.
I expect from those who get elected (from all parties) total commitment and nothing less than that.


I&W has a long tradition of appointing the right person for the right job. We believe in specialists, but not in tunnel visions.
I'd like to see people of Iron & Wine join up in governments who are led by persons we believe in. The last and current governments are fine to good, and a big step forward we believe to previous ones. Fine and good are just that, fine and good, However, we'd like to see excellence return to our nation.
I&W members as all people are free to choose to join a government or any other institution, however they are advised to not take such commitments lightly.

I&W and other parties:

We had a long time dealing with other parties, and generally had a good repour with most of them, as long as they stayed rational and civil.
Keypoints I'd like to engage in are: restoring of law and order, increasing responsibilities of government, education.


The real stuff, (not the fake kind). eNL is becoming a sourpuss if we don't watch out. The airstrike this government as co-organized by the fresh and fly MoF Garmr could be seen as a success in that regards. Hell we've even made it to a comic again (last time was years ago)! Joining an alliance would be great fun!


Stay on point! It's increasingly confusing who stands for what these days. See last congress election results, and it's pretty much smeered across the board. I'd like us to set an example and standard how things should be done. I'd like I&W members to stay on point, whatever wherever is being debated or done. Let bygones be bygones, and ignore noobism and trolls. In communication with others, try to keep these rules by Washington in mind.


Daniel Parker
Party President of Iron & Wine
Ferrum et Vinum, Ad infinitum!

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